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Photo Credit: Hawila Project

join one of our upcoming sailing trips

Join our team, contribute to our dreamstore or help us set up our Pirate DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)!


Photo Credit: Tres Hombre

If what you read until now, makes your hands sweaty and sends shivers down your spine, then it is time to get to know each other! We are currently looking for support in business development, fundraising, crypto and blockchain.


Ready to join our pirate tribe?

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contribute to our dreamstore

We are collaborating with international artists to design and produce meaningful products that communicate our dream and help us raising funds.


Want to create art with us?

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Photo Credit: Piratas do Amor


Photo Credit: Hawila Project

help us set up pirateDAO

We are inviting heart-driven individuals to become part of our pirate tribe, help us set up our pirateDAO and finance our future pirate ship via Pirate Tokens!


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