our 10 guiding principles

A new culture of love has little to do with the all romance, that the word is usually connected with. Much more than that, we are talking about an"ethics towards life", which includes a series of virtues and qualities that we see as fundamental for the future that we want to build now.


We crafted or pirate manifest as a guideline for our seafaring community to strive at sea and together discover new horizons for life on earth and are open for additions and alterations.


community living

Aboard our boat, we create space and time where all emotions can be expressed with vulnerability and honesty. We also believe in learning through service, inviting everyone to participate in daily chores,. We practice decentralized governance such as sociocracy.  



We see sailing is a wonderful excuse to practice values such as team work, discipline and presence. It is also a great invitation to communicate with nature, understand it´s laws and principles and learn how to deal with impermanence.


spirituality & magic

We trust the magical power of the universe, a.k.a. God, or even Love. By connecting with ancestral and occult wisdom, we open our boat for the magic to happen and guide us through the seven seas.



We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solve global challenges, create as well as fund disruptive projects and support community leaders.


epic relationships

We want to nurture relationships based on radical transparency, compassion and integrity. We want to redefine the fear based relationships and together, create more conscious and free ways to relate to one another.


community engagement

Wherever we anchor our home, we focus on connecting with and learning from local communities. They are our real life gurus, with whom we create honest bonds and exchange talents, cultures and values. 


health & sustainability

We care for mother nature and our bodies, making real efforts to consume only what does not harm our inner and outer temples. We try to be an emission free boat, using only clean energy and care for our food and health, strengthening our bodies, minds and souls daily.


conscious sexuality

We believe that our sexuality is a sacred portal to our creative and vital force. We create a safe space to experience and practice conscious sexuality, naturism, somatic consent and sexual shamanism. We are a LGBTQIAPN+ inclusive boat.


radical self reliance

Living on a sailboat invites us to be as self-sufficient as possible, investing in our own resources and capabilities to be attentive to the needs of our crew and boat.


art & creativity

Our boat is a home to practice giving our unique gifts to the world and be a messenger of love through art. We believe that everyone is an artist and we invite all members aboard to express their most authentic, honest and creative selves.