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back to your nature

Pirate Therapy is an online and individual journey for choosing love.


Guided by the principles of radical honesty, presence, self responsibility and deep lightness, each session is a safe space for you to:  


Emotional wisdom | belief system and shadow work | fear-setting | integrating inner polarities | untaming yourself 



Conscious relating | non violent and honest communication | transforming jealousy | healing love 


Passion and mission | mentalism & transforming perceived reality| choosing love over fear   


"The reason so many people are suffering phisical and mental illness comes from the disconnection from our nature"

Dr Gabor Maté

returning home

This work is about getting rid of distractions, becoming present and chosing love over fear.


It is about learning from nature to remember our own nature. 

My job is to be your good listener & clear mirror in service of your authentic path, sharing some magic tools for:   


Speaking the language of emotions


Strengthening your center of power


Practicing mental clarity 


Integrating your polarities and sharpening your intuition


Igniting your gift to the world

what participants say

"I have been to traditional psychologists, but what Raíssa is offering is different. With a lot of competence, she is able to create a field of pure love and deep listening, looking at me with integrality, in a way that I have never seen. Along the sessions, I got to the right keys to open myself back to life, to manage my energy and return to my center. For me, her work is a work of the future."


- Mateus Mendes


Who am I

I dedicate my life to research fear, love and freedom through the teachings of Nature.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and chose the ocean as my home, temple and guru without an ego. Since a young age, I knew I wanted to assist on our planetary awakening. By the age of 23 I started to work as a facilitator, free educator and pirate therapist. For more than a decade I have been guiding hundreds of people on journeys of self creation, love and reconnection to the nature in and out.

I have trainings ranging from The Work of Byron Katie to Quantum Being, Warriors Without Weapons and Shamanic Sexuality. But my biggest school is my own spiritual journey, my studies on magic and mysticism, my intuition, my partnership with Christof and other lovers and of course, my devoted life to nature. 

My mission is to be a messenger of love and be in service of the regeneration of the self, relationships and Gaia.


I want to foster healthy and abundant ways to relate to the energy of money. So, dependending on your monthly income and current finantial condition, you can choose any price from the following sliding scale:

From €81 to €180 per one hour session     

If you want to embark on this journey, let`s meet!


The next step is to book your exploration meeting.

let's get to know each other!

In this 20-minutes call, we will get to know each other and discuss your specific needs. The call is free of charge. If you are unsure, write me a message.

Exploration Meeting
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