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a journey to return home 

Do you feel numb or stuck, feeling like life is running by?

Do you feel your relationships are toxic and complicated?

Do you feel you are not giving your true gift to the world?

Do you feel adrift?

Sailing the wrong course?

Not the captain of your own ship?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions: don`t worry, you are not alone. And I have found out that there is an underlying DNA for the causes and medicines for all of them. You create your reality based on your beliefs and ability to listen to your emotional body. However,  due to the influence of living in a society highly disconnected from the natural world, we have lost our magic skill of being present, and therefore, we are doing all kinds of things, but feeling truly alive and becoming who we meant to be. 

This mentorship is designed to help you transform your fears into fuel for transformation, getting rid of the distractions and collecting the pieces of your inner separation, to build a bridge between you and your higher self. This is a journey to return home: your most powerful, yet peaceful self. 

I dedicate my life to study fear, love and freedom through the teachings of Nature and my relationship with the sea. I invite you to join me on this journey of untaming yourself to feel the awe of being alive. 


wayfinding: an intuitive methodology to navigate through life

Inspired by the Polynesian Seafarers, who navigated the pacific ocean without using any instruments, but knowing how to communicate with the laws of nature, this Mentorship is based on an organic methodology to help you master your unique way to navigate through life.  

No matter if your intention is to work on your professional path, your intimate relationships or a general life reshaping, may it be through 1, 6 or 10 sessions, we will follow this flow: 

set course

Follow your fears and reveil limiting beliefs.

adjust compass

Assume your size and let your heart guide you.

dive deep

Reframe stuck patterns and integrate polarities.

sail away

Create new realities and make sh*t happen.

anchor yourself

Find the way back to your center. Be present.

new horizon

Give your gifts to the world and leave a better trace.


Practice to listen to what is real and see more than project.

personalised mentoring options and formats

No matter what is going on now in your life, if you feel commited to change and embark on this journey, let`s meet! The next step is to book your exploration meeting.

fire fighting

⚓ 1x 90-minute zoom call for 'urgencies' that need a single and unique care. 


Investment € 130

dynamic journey

⚓ 6 x 60-minute zoom calls to go through all the steps of the Wayfinding


Investment: € 700


⚓ 10x 60-minute zoom calls to navigate slower and go deeper.


Investment: € 1.100

let's get to know each other!

In this 20-minutes call, we will get to know each other and discuss your specific needs. The call is free of charge. If you are unsure, write me a message.


what participants say

"I always left the sessions with Ra with the energy to run a marathon. It was a beautiful journey of self-discovery, reencounter with my essence and, above all, empowerment. It was a gift I gave myself, of taking the time to look inside, clean the dirt, illuminate the thoughts and especially the heart."

- Juliana do Couto

Exploration Meeting
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