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Photo Credit: Hawila Project

  • HOPE Expedition on Schooner OPAL with Ocean Missions
    Fri, Jun 23
    Húsavík, Iceland
    The Hope Expedition is a one week journey on land and at sea, to celebrate the declaration of the 1st Hope Spot in Iceland. An unique expedition to sail with purpose, explore the power of science and connect with ourselves and nature aboard the magnificent Schooner Ópal.
  • Freedom Expedition with BounceSpace in Wadden Sea
    Mon, Aug 07
    Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
    In collaboration with BounceSpace we discover the wadden sea islands aboard the traditional flat-bottom ship De Chateauroux to explore the notion of Freedom – and what it means to YOU. A co-creative week filled with sailing, workshops, delicious food, community living and learning from nature.
  • Pirate Gathering on Schooner Atyla
    Sun, Sep 24
    Bilbao, Spain
    We invite friends and fellow pirates for a one week voyage aboard the traditional tallship Atyla in the Bay of Biscay. A participatory experience to explore the potential of living as a community at sea, connect with nature and each other, share our talents, get inspired and energized.

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Guided by our Pirate Code, our voyages are laboratories for modern day pirates to explore new horizons of life on Earth. 

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