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sailing for system change

Personal development and clean travel are becoming increasingly relevant, especially for a growing young generation of global change-makers. With rising social awareness of the climate crisis and the need for ethical and sustainable transportation of products, we see an excellent opportunity to build a learning center at sea, focusing on education, art and clean shipping.


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personal development
& clean travel

As Piratas do Amor want to combine educational programs with clean travel, offering highly intense experiences at sea, to practice a range of skills and values, that we believe are crucial in making the world a better place. For this, we are planing to collaborate with partner organisations and international facilitators to host trainings, intentional gatherings, art residencies and research programs aboard our future pirate ship.


emissions free shipping

Sail cargo is an emerging, profitable market that has developed over the last decade. This is not surprising, as a growing number of suppliers and consumers see it as a desirable alternative to conventional means of shipping. As Piratas do Amor, we want to offer future-oriented organisations who wish to trade and buy goods in a profitable but more sustainable and ethical way a unique opportunity. This includes community engagement, Fairtrade practices and non-corporate, non-hierarchical business structures.


In addition, we plan on partnering with local producers along the way and create our signature products such as Piratas do Amor Rum, Café and Cacau.


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Photo Credit: Hawila Project

art productions

We see art as our primary means of connecting with local communities along the way and spread our message in an inclusive and accessible way. 


Whenever we reach land, we aim at collaborating with foundations, local artists and schools to host pop-up events offering alternative solutions for the current system of production, consumption and transportation. 


For this purpose, our future ship will feature a fully equipped art studio, a mobile kitchen, massive sound system, seed-bank and much more.

what we did until now?

In march 2018 Raissa Teles & Christof Brockhoff sold everything they had and with little prior experience in the nautical world bought a 33-foot sailing boat called Mintaka in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


During their first four years at sea, the couple:


3000+ miles

along the Brazilian coast from Santos to Maceio with long stops along the way.

fully refitted

our boat

during seven months with a team of 20 volunteers in Guarujá, Brazil.

prototyped 20 expeditions

with a total of 120 participants focusing on personal development.

reached 10000+


through our online workshops, mentorships and content.

In June 2022 Raissa and Christof sold Mintaka and are now dreaming bigger.

what ´s next?

Starting October 2022, we will study at the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool in Holland and learn as much as possible about the art of sailing and maintaining tall ships. During the 2023 summer season, we will partner up with an existing tall ship company and prototype our first expeditions. In parallel, we will write our business plan, scout potential tall ships and build the infrastructure needed to fund and govern our future ship.


Photo Credit: Tall Ship Company

what type of ship
are we looking for?

We envision a classic three masted tall ship with a steel hull. A ship equipped to sail in all waters.  We are planning to purchase an existing ship and redesign its interior to suit our specific needs:

  • space and comfort for a life-aboard crew of up to 10 people;

  • berths for 20 participants on long-term expeditions;

  • storage space for up to 20 tons of cargo.


how do we plan
to finance our ship?

We are inviting heart-driven individuals and organisations to become part of our timeshare program and collectively fund our tall ship. Members have year-round, shared access to premium cabins aboard and are expected to actively engage as members of our pirate tribe and together shape its future. 

Do you dare?


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the crew

Raissa and Christof met each other during the program Guerreiros sem Armas in Santos, Brazil, in 2014. Since then, the couple is working towards realising their big dream of building a floating utopia of love.​