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messengers of love

We are building a unique learning space aboard a large sailing ship to practice and share a new culture based on love. A nomadic autonomous zone offering residency programs and expeditions for leaders of the new era and shipping art & culture across the seven seas.


Photo Credit: Piratas do Amor

new culture of what?

A new culture of love has little to do with the romance, that the word is usually connected with. We are talking about an"ethics towards life", which includes a series of virtues and qualities that we see as fundamental for the future that we want to build now.


why a sailboat?

By embarking on a saillboat we expose ourselves to constant movement, zero privacy, limited comfort and isolation. The infinite horizon of the sea and its dark depths are an invitation to face our deepest fears and practice courage, leadership and resilience. Life at sea requires compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence and strengthens our critical thinking, discipline and self responsibility. To us, it´s the perfect place to practice deep connections: with ourselves, our fellow crew members and mother nature.


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what we did until now?

In march 2018 Raissa Teles and Christof Brockhoff had a dream: to build a life in the ocean aboard a sailing boat. We had little prior experience in the nautical world and all our friends used to call us crazy. And so we did it. We sold everything we had and bought a 33-foot sailing boat called Mintaka in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. During our first four years at sea, we:


3000+ miles

along the Brazilian coast from Santos to Maceio with long stops along the way.

fully refitted

our boat

during seven months with a team of 20 volunteers in Guarujá, Brazil.

prototyped 20 expeditions

with a total of 120 participants focusing on personal development.

reached 10000+


through our online workshops, mentorships and content.

In June 2022 we sold Mintaka and we are now dreaming bigger. Again, the story repeats itself. Some will call us crazy, others will call us utopians. Either way, we are already navigating towards our next big pirate ship to reshape the planetary culture and unite us all.

what ´s next?

Starting in august this year, we will spend some time in Europe, focusing on scouting potential tall ships and learning as much as possible about them. In parallel, we will build the team and infrastructure needed to manage, fund and govern our crazy endeavour.


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finding our ship

We are envisioning a classic three masted tall ship with a steel hull. A ship equipped to sail in all waters, that:

  • gives space and comfort to a life-aboard community of 12 crew with children;

  • accommodates an additional 20 participants on long-term group expeditions;

  • provides sufficient space for art production and cargo storage.


financing our ship

By mid 2023 we will launch a limited edition of Pirate Tokens. Token owners will have access to premium cabins and be granted voting rights to shape Pirate DAO´s future.

If you are into blockchain and crypto and feel like joining
our team, we would love to know more about you!


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what will we offer in our future ship?

First and foremost, we are focusing on building an outstanding life-aboard crew, that will truly anchor our values and is capable of operating our floating utopia with perseverance, joy and excellency.


co-ownership & residencies

As co-owners of our future ship, you will gain year-round, shared access to premium cabins and are expected to participate in Pirate DAOs activities.


In addition we offer long-term life-aboard residencies for highly motivated sailors, creatives, builders, cooks, filmmakers and more. 


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Photo Credit: Hawila Project


Besides hosting our own programs, we will collaborate with partner organisations and top international facilitators to host partner expeditions on our ship. 


Can´t wait to already start dreaming with us now?


art & culture

Aboard our future ship, we will install a fully equipped art studio. Whenever we reach a port, we will open up our studio to collaborate with local talents and sell our products in artistic popup fairs. Here, we will also offer organic products such Piratas do Amor Rum, Café and Cacau, shipped emissions free around the globeCheck out our current online store.


Through interactive harbour activities and collaborations with local artists and schools, we aim at becoming a hub of ideas on alternatives, challenging the current system of production, consumption and transportation.


Photo Credit: Hawila Project


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the crew

Raissa and Christof met each other during the program Guerreiros sem Armas in Santos, Brazil, in 2014. Since then, the couple is working towards realising their big dream of building a floating utopia of love.​