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sailing towards new horizons of life on earth

Piratas do Amor (eng. Pirates of Love) are a group of people united  by a shared passion for the ocean and committed to shaping a more connected and creative existence. Since 2018, we curate transformative sailing voyages that lift the human spirit, shape a culture based on love and freedom and address global challenges. 

Being on a sailboat with limited resources, constant movement, little comfort and zero privacy naturally invites us to reframe the way we relate to ourselves, others and the world at large. Far away from the distractions of modern-day life, living as a community at sea, is an opportunity to challenge established norms and create our own culture.

Pirate Code
pirate code

Our voyages are co-creative experiences based on our Pirate Code. Our Code is the foundation of our culture, which guides our offers, supports our practices and helps our community to strive at sea.


we spread love

Love is more than a felling: it is a choice, an action. The moment we start acting through love, we begin to move towards freedom and act in ways that liberate ourselves and others. Love is the energy that transcends countries, borders, barriers, and differences. In a world ruled by fear, choosing to spread love, is a revolution.


we untame ourselves

We aim at exchanging consumption for self reliance and practice a lifestyle that is less dependent on the matrix. We live simple and travel slow. We fish, harvest, hunt, conserve and ferment. We invent, reuse and repair. We walk barefoot, swim naked and sleep under the stars. 

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we practice self responsability

We encourage all participants to discover, exercise and rely on their inner resources to contribute to the experiences of others as well as their own. There are no guests, victims, gossip queens or hidden complaints. Everyone aboard is responsible for their own personal as well as the collective growth.


we leave a better trace

We serve as a laboratory and catalyst for regenerative practices at sea. We are passionate about ethical provisioning, low tech solutions and reducing the environmental impact of ships. We strive to improve the environments, economies and social conditions of the places we visit. Wherever we go, we aim on leaving a better trace and contribute to healing the oceans.

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we are nature

Going to the sea is an invitation to relearn how to live in harmony with nature and attune ourselves to the laws of the universe. By watching the stars, reading the clouds and observing the waves, we practice presence, learn to embrace impermanence and let go of control. Separation is an ilusion, we are all one.


we encourage radical

self expression

We celebrate art as the language of the soul. We invite playfulness to hold the paradoxes of life and we encourage everyone aboard to express their unique authentic selves freely.


we believe in consciousness as a foundation

The ocean is our temple, where we connect with our higher selves and contribute to the collective awakening. Our voyages are an opportunity to work on our unique spiritual paths, sharpen our intuition and awaken the magicians within.    


we participate

We are committed to a participatory ethic and believe in learning through doing. For us, deep transformative change, whether on a personal or a collective level, can only occur through participation. Aboard our voyages everybody is invited to contribute, to teach, to play and share all tasks including manoeuvring the ship, preparing a tasty meal or cleaning the toilets.


we practice authentic relating

We dive deep into our relationships and create a safe container for conscious, free and respectful ways to relate to one another. We practice communication and conflict resolution skills based on honesty, transparency and consent. Our voyages are gender neutral, sex-positive and clothing optional.


we care for health

Physical, mental and emotional health are key to elevating our vibration. We eat organic food, move our bodies, sweat and strengthen our inherent healing powers. We use phones, internet and alcohol intentionally. We want our participants to return home feeling stronger and more alive.


“The ocean is the only place on Earth, where humans cannot build walls."
- Piratas do Amor

the crew

Piratas do Amor was started by Raissa Teles and Christof Brockhoff in 2018 in Brazil. After prototyping experiences on a 33-foot sailing boat for four years, the couple decided to take their dream to the next level. They studied at the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool and are currently partnering up with sailing ships and partner organisations for the 2024 summer season.


raissa teles

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Raíssa is from São Paulo, Brazil, but chose the ocean as her home, school and temple. As a child, she wanted to become a doctor that operates peoples brains. As a woman, she now dedicates her personal and professional life to understand how to open the heart, clear the mind and awaken the soul. She is a facilitator and a pirate therapist and has guided hundreds of people on journeys of self-creation, conscious relating and reconnection to nature. Raíssa is passionate about ancient and occult wisdom and addicted to investigate the mystery of love. She is a great listener and always carries a warm smile, especially when the sea gets rough. She dreams high, plays the guitar and loves to dance around the bonfire on a deserted beach.


christof brockhoff

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Christof was born in the Principality of Liechtenstein, one of the worlds smallest countries. Perhaps that is also the reason, why he has always dreamt of building his own little utopia. To him, there is no better place to do so, than on sailing ships. As a facilitator and host he creates safe spaces, where people can express their authentic selves and unlock the unlimited source of creative energy within. Christof has many passions, ranging from fishing, rowing and cooking, to spirituality, conscious sexuality and magic. Whenever he steps ashore, he is looking for people, who are still connected to the natural world. Besides being a Pirate of Love, he is the co-founder of Ideenkanal, the leading incubator for social enterprises in the Alps.

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