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pirate code: our values & principles

Shared principles are the bedrock of profound experiences and an authentic community. Gathering individuals around these principles, developing shared practices, and thoughtful program design create a space for genuine exploration. Our principles guide rather than dictate, fostering a thriving community at sea.


nature's rhythm

Sailing without a fixed program aligns us with Mother Nature's rhythm, guiding us toward a more profound and meaningful existence.


authentic expression

Far away from the limitations of life on land, we encourage everyone aboard to embrace their most authentic selves,


mindful presence

Our voyages are an invitation to decelerate, disconnect from the online world, and engage in the art of being truly present.


spiritual adventure

Our voyages merge adventure with a spiritual journey, revealing the deep connection between the sea and the soul.


active participation

Instead of hosting guests, everyone actively participates in all tasks, from maneuvering the ship to preparing meals and cleaning toilets.


body positivity

We celebrate the human body in its natural form, encouraging a body-positive environment where individuals can feel free and confident.


growth tribe

We unite inspiring individuals, cultivating both personal and professional growth through collaborative spaces.


radical self responsibility

Participants embrace personal responsibility, committing to contribute to the collective experience with care, compassion, and integrity.


culinary ethos

We prioritize organic foods, sourcing locally and ethically in bulk to provide healthy, predominantly vegetarian meals.

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