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Between Boats

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A time on land between Mintaka and Volans, GETTING READY FOR our next BIG pirate ship!

Every end is also a beginning.

After four years of life aboard our sailboat Mintaka, the time has come to say goodbye to her.

Selling Mintaka awakens a series of feelings: attachment, sadness, excitement, anxiety and enthusiasm for the next steps of the dream.

From the beginning, when we bought Mintaka, we knew she would be our "laboratory boat". With her, we learned how to sail and take care of the endless list of nautical tasks. We learned how to use our hands and intuition more. We tested a variety of experiences, expeditions and programs. We made mistakes and achieved many of our goals. And most importantly, we managed to "oceanize" ourselves, a term used for equipments, such as an engine, that is capable of operating in the harsh environment of the high seas.

Salt water, strong wind, constant movement, heat or cold, exposure to sun or rain. It's not easy to be a motor in these conditions, and not even a human being in search of an ordinary life, who cooks, brushes his teeth, pees and poops, whether the boat is anchored or in the middle of a storm or out at sea. When you are out there, you can't call your mom to come save you, order a pizza from iFood or wait for a mechanic to come fix your engine.

You have to rely on yourself.

Personal power: ACTIVATE!!!

That mission was accomplished.

We got trained in the nautical kindergarden and are minimally approved by ourselves, to continue "oceanizing" - after all, it is an eternal journey.

Mintaka was our home at sea from march 2018 until now, february 2022.

Four years, or even better, four decades of beautiful and crazy adventures, learnings and achievements, as I told you in this post.

And now?

What will happen?

A lot!

We are starting what we call a PERIOD BETWEEN BOATS, which is a journey that will connect Mintaka (our first sailboat) with Volans (the name we give to our next sailboat - know the story of the name here).

A kind of pirate crossing on land, which should last - according to our predictions, approximately two years.

During this period we intend to:

  1. Take a series of courses and trainings;

  2. Deepen and expand our spiritual path, as a preparation for all the work that we will anchor aboard Volans;

  3. Invest and multiply our money, because Volans will probably cost something we still don't have in our bank account today;

  4. Offer online mentoring and workshops, while sharing content through this blog and selling pirate arts on our Online Store.

Let's check all the details of each of these items?

1. courses and trainings:

Well, this item is actually divided into 2 major areas: one more technical and the other more essential.

The technical courses are related to the necessary knowledge to navigate a boat the size we imagine: approximately 80 feet, aluminum hull, two masts, with a capacity for a crew of approximately 20 people and ready to sail in any sea or latitude.

For this, we want to:

  1. Get the Captain's License;

  2. Make at least one ocean crossing as crew members of another boat;

  3. Get the basic knowledge around meteorology, Amateur Radio, astronomical navigation and use of equipment such as Radar.

The "essential courses" are about all the topics that will form the essence and the core of our programs at sea.

After years of in-depth work with human development and social impact, we feel that the time has come to delve deeper into a topic that moves us a lot: love, relationships and sexuality. In addition to our personal interest, life on board naturally invites us to learn how to deal with conflicts, desires, communication, attraction, and all the emotions that arise among the members of a "confined" community at sea.

Since the beginning of our relationship, Chris and I have been reframing the conservative structures around love, rethinking monogamy as a rule, to create a more conscious, authentic, integral, free and true partnership.

We believe that healing love from fear is a revolutionary and political act, and that's why we want to expand our experience, learning different techniques and tools in these areas, so that we can share everything with you through our mentorships and programs.

Therefore, we want to participate in the following retreats and courses around these themes:

  1. We will be assistants at the Corpo Selvagem do Amor retreat with Raquel and Ron;

  2. We will go to the Sexsibility Festival, with Lorenzo Stiernquist;

  3. We will go to ISTA - International School of Temple Arts;

  4. We will go to Tamera as part of the Love School;

  5. We will visit indigenous tribes, that practice shamanic sexuality;

  6. We will be mentored by Conor and Brittany, Polyamorous and Positive Sexuality mentors;

  7. We will do Quantum Being training with Raquel and Ron;

  8. Among many readings, studies and mainly, practices.

Retreat Corpo Selvagem do Amor, with Raquel and Ron.

2. Spirituality and magic:

The programs that we will offer on board will be deeply transformative, not only for the participants, but also for all of us facilitators and crew. Therefore, it will be necessary to strengthen ourselves in our spiritual path, so that we can be a channel of light and love for everyone who embarks with us, with the proper guidance from our masters and guides.

Therefore, we will:

  1. Participate on rituals and ceremonies with Sacred Medicines;

  2. Embark on purification journeys for our physical, mental and emotional bodies;

  3. Travel to the Amazon Forest and the sacred mountains of Andes;

  4. Continue our studies about Occultism, Magic, Alchemy and Hermetism.


A big sailboat like Volans, even if by some miracle we get it for free (we believe in miracles), has a very high maintenance cost. Therefore, financial prosperity is one of our intentions for this period between boats.

We will write an impeccable business model of our project, to present to Foundations and Investors who can support our dream.

However, we do not want to depend only on external money, and that`s why we are entering the vast universe of Cryptocurrencies. With the money from the sale of Mintaka, we intend to invest in crypto and also launch art products in NFT.

Not only that, we will continue to sell unique arts through our Online Store, which is a way for you to support us financially and have a little piece of our dream in your home.


We love face-to-face experiences, eye contact and physical touch. But while we don't have a boat to host you on our crossings and educational programs, we will be putting ourselves at your service in other ways:

  1. Online, through pirate mentoring sessions with me and Chris. Learn more here;

  2. Texts and contents through this Blog and Instagram, sharing the main learnings about the Between Boats journey;

  3. Launch of our first book, where we will tell the story of the main lessons learned with the sea over these four years, in connection with the free and deep waters of the path of love.

That's it for now.

More to come.

If you want to join the piracy, leave us a comment and embark on this adventure with us.

Much love,

Pirata Arraia & Captain Bear

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