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Sailing Voyages 2024

Updated: Feb 2

From a seed planted a year ago, we bring you our first delicious fruit together with our favorite ocean couple from Tilvera. It's a fruit with the crispness of the Norwegian breeze, the allure of the Arctic Caribbean and the grace of the majestic fjords.

Tilvera in Lofoten

A mere year ago, our connection with Belén and Heimir began in a seemingly serendipitous way. It all started when Christof left his water bottle on the school table, setting off a chain of events that led to the forging of a beautiful friendship. The details of this amusing beginning can be found in a previous blog post.

Little did we know that this chance encounter would blossom into so many ways.

Our first shared adventure took us sailing to the end of the world in April of last year: a journey we will forever remember. Following this, an invitation from Belén led me to Iceland, where I had the privilege of facilitating on The Hope Expedition aboard Ópal.

The desire to continue uniting our forces and collaborate on each other's projects was inevitable.

Belén and I happily serving some food in the middle of nowhere, I mean, Svalbard

Two couples, immersed in the embrace of love on the open sea, share a passion for nature and the pursuit of what truly makes us feel alive. The synergy among the four of us makes us a good team — Heimir, an experienced captain and innate explorer; Belén, a skilled sailor, knowledgeable marine biologist, and passionate ocean activist; Christof and I, contributing to human and community development with our facilitation expertise combined with sailing.

Excited about embarking on a new adventure together, we reached out to Belén and Heimir to think of possible collaborations for 2024. The timing aligned perfectly as they had two available trips in Lofoten. Having fallen in love with the enchanting landscapes of Lofoten during our visit last year, the decision to offer a Piratas do Amor Voyage in this picturesque location felt like perfect.

Tilvera in Lofoten, 2023

After months of preparation, we are now here to invite you to our next Piratas do Amor Voyages: both of them in Norway.


Just envision...

...sailing from Tromsø to Bodø (or the reverse journey), enveloped by the breathtaking Arctic nature while exploring the Lofoten Archipelago, dubbed as the Caribbean of Northern Europe.

....feeling the vibrant energy of the grand fjords, sending shivers down your spine.

....being guided by the mystical presence of northern beings – trolls and elves, unseen yet deeply felt.

And most importantly: living as a community of 15 fellow pirates of the new era - those dedicated to shaping a new paradigm for life on Earth.

In collaboration with Tilvera Expeditions (our ocean partners), this is a shared journey of authenticity, connection, and love: for ourselves and nature.

Sound like a plan?

First voyage: 22 - 30 of June 2024

Second voyage: 1 - 9 of July 2024


We are also searching for a filmmaker/photographer to join both trips only covering the food cost, and in exchange, produce a beautiful video of our adventure.

Much love,

Raíssa and Christof

Piratas do Amor

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