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Partner Ship TILVERA

Exploring Lofoten with Tilvera Expeditions

Embark on a magic sailing voyage with Piratas do Amor in collaboration with Tilvera Expeditions to explore the breathtaking islands of Lofoten, Norway.

Lofoten, Norway
Tromsø - Bodø

22 - 30 June 2024

Twin cabin: 2.100 EUR p.p.

Twin cabin priv. facilities: 2.790 EUR p.p.

Lofoten, Norway
Bodø - Tromsø

01 - 09 July 2024

Twin cabin: 2.100 EUR p.p.

Twin cabin priv. facilities: 2.790 EUR p.p.

Lofoten - the Caribbean of Northern Europe

Join us in either Tromsø or Bodø and set sail to the captivating Lofoten, often called the "Caribbean of Northern Europe". Explore sheltered fjords, secluded anchorages, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local traditions. The flexible itinerary promises vibrant fishing villages and hikes to picturesque beaches and mountaintops. Disembark in either Tromsø or Bodø, leaving with enriched sailing skills, heightened environmental awareness, lasting friendships, and unforgettable memories.

Beyond Sailing

Beyond an ordinary sailing experience, our voyages offer a transformative journey where the sea becomes a dynamic laboratory for personal growth. Embracing our Pirate Code, participants actively engage in all shipboard tasks, cultivating camaraderie and embracing their true selves. Our ethos fosters mindful presence, instills self-responsibility, and sparks inspiration through captivating activities and conversations. Together, we uncover treasures at sea, integrating their wisdom into our lives ashore.

"These are the loveliest pirates in the seven seas! They took us out to the islands off of the dutch coast and we had a journey that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Full of openness, full of engagement, full of love. Lessons of real life at sea and at land. I hope to step aboard again in the future!

Phill, The Netherlands 2023

The Ship - Tilvera

Tilvera, a state-of-the-art expedition vessel, is your home for this unforgettable voyages. With comfortable twin cabins, a spacious saloon featuring an inspiring library, and a charming deckhouse, Tilvera offers a well-protected cockpit, two tenders, and two kayaks. Ideal for groups seeking both adventure and quality, Tilvera is beautifully maintained to face the Arctic storms while ensuring a comfortable, homely feel for you. 

Visit website of Tilvera Expeditions

Invitation Only

Costs and Payment

Choose your comfort:

  • Twin cabin with shared facilities: 2,100 EUR per person

  • Twin cabin with private facilities: 2,790 EUR per person

Costs cover diesel, crew salaries, accommodation, three daily meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks. Excludes onshore activities and facilitation of Piratas do Amor. At trip's end, evaluate our contribution and consider making a donation.


You can book this trip directly through the website of Tilvera Expeditions.

Artistic Residency

Filmmakers/photographers, join us as an Artist in Residence on our second Lofoten sailing voyage from July 01-09, 2024. Contribute your talents to Piratas do Amor and Tilvera Expeditions. Minimal fee: EUR 270 for 9 days.


The Hosts

This voyage is hosted by Raissa and Christof, the founders of Piratas do Amor. They facilitate most activities and serve as first mates aboard. Learn more about Raissa and Christof in the About section of our website.


The Crew

Meet Belén and Heimir, a passionate couple driven by their love for the oceans and a thirst for exploration. Belén, a devoted marine biologist and sailor, founded Ocean Missions merging science, education, and sailing to safeguard our oceans. Heimir, with over two decades leading Arctic expeditions, co-manages North Sailing and captains the hybrid Schooner Opal. In 2022, they acquired Tilvera, aiming to explore the world, engage with like-minded individuals, and advocate for global marine conservation. 

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