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Piratas do Amor: Love Voyagers

Piratas do Amor merge the thrill of sailing adventures with journeys of profound personal development. We view the ocean as our teacher and sailing vessels as dynamic, real-life classrooms where we can cultivate essential human values like self-responsibility, resilience, and humility, crucial in today's world.

Why Pirates? Our inspiration draws from the positive aspects of the Golden Age of Piracy. Defying societal norms, they disrupted their era, challenging a broken system and an uncertain future. Familiar, isn`t it?

Why Love? In every realm of life, our choice between love and fear defines our collective path, resonating in the state of our Earth. We embrace love as our guiding force, much like a North Star.

Why Ships? Life aboard frees us from societal distractions, encouraging us to reimagine our connections with ourselves and others, offering a fresh perspective on our role in shaping the planet's future.

Join us as we explore the stunning islands of Lofoten, Norway.

Let's craft a tailored journey together.

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The Crew

Founded in 2018 in Brazil by Raissa Teles and Christof Brockhoff, Piratas do Amor evolved from the couple's four-year journey of prototyping experiences on a 33-foot sailing boat. Determined to elevate their dream, they pursued studies at the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool. Currently, they collaborate with sailing ships and partner organizations that share aligned values, taking their vision to new horizons.


Raissa Teles

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São Paulo-born Raíssa, a business graduate, found her home, temple, and teacher in the ocean. With over a decade of experience as a facilitator and mentor, she guides individuals and groups towards self-mastery, conscious relationships, and rediscovering innate gifts. As a qualified first mate for tall ships, Raíssa seamlessly integrates sailing expertise and love for the ocean into the profound journey of personal development.


Christof Brockhoff

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Originating from Liechtenstein, his adventurous spirit drives him to explore the world. Traditional sailing ships have become his preferred mode of travel, where he serves as a first mate. Beyond the seas, Christof has co-founded the Ideenkanal Foundation and turned it into the leading incubator for social enterprises in the Alps. Christof is passionate about ancient wisdom, spiritual practices, conscious sexuality and plant medicine.

"Piratas do Amor are liberated souls, strong in spirit, and captains of their own destinies. For me, a 'pirate' is epitomized by the two beautiful humans, Raissa and Christof, as they navigate the seas. 'Do Amor' signifies their life philosophy grounded in the abundant love that surrounds us—an abundance often overlooked, unheard, and unfelt. Sailing amidst authentic souls, adrift with an endless horizon, submitting to nature's command is, to me, the journey back to our genuine human essence."

Ellyn, The Netherlands, 2023

Pirate Code

Pirate Code: Our Values and Principles

This manifesto guides our crew, shaping our voyages into an adventure of love, openness, and discovery.


There are no guests, only participants. Engage fully in the voyage, contribute actively to the ship's operations and activities.


Infuse joy, humor, and spontaneity into our journey. Find delight in the small moments and celebrate life's adventures.


Take ownership of your actions and their consequences. Care for the ship, the crew, and the environment with diligence and respect.


Embrace the unknown, welcoming new ideas, cultures, and experiences. Foster an environment of inclusivity and diversity among crewmates.


Strip away pretense and embrace vulnerability. Connect authentically with each other, revealing our true selves without fear or shame.


Adapt to challenges and setbacks with resilience and determination. Weather storms together, emerging stronger and more united.


Embrace the moment. Be here and now. Transformation requires awareness.


Cultivate honesty and transparency in all interactions. Build trust among the crew through truthfulness and integrity.

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