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Pirate Mentorship Program: Navigating the Ocean Within

Ahoy, fellow soul adventurers! Welcome to our Pirate Mentorship Program (PMP), anchored in the daring spirit of our Pirate Code. Embark on a personalised laboratory dedicated to the pirates of the new era - the ones committed to shaping a new paradigm of life on earth, and the ones who know, that this work starts within. 


This isn't just a mentorship program; it's a grand adventure where you discover the pirate within, forging a life resonating with purpose, freedom and love.

Practice Self Creation

Explore emotional wisdom through belief systems and shadow work. Dive into fear-setting, unraveling binding threads. Integrate inner polarities, forging a path to self-discovery. Untame yourself, navigating emotional landscapes with wisdom, transcending boundaries & unlocking potentials.

Elevate Relationships

Cultivate authentic relationships, where individuality is strengthened amidst the powerful surrender to unity and intimacy. A mentorship for individuals and couples about conscious relating and sacred sexuality, consent and honest communication, honoring relationships as a catalyst for personal and shared development.

Shape Realities

Unleash your potential for a purposeful and impactful existence. Learn the art of creating and bending reality, reshaping your perceived possibilities. Embrace the power of choosing love over fear as you navigate towards revealing your mission, shaping your reality, and contributing to a new era of life on Earth.

"The reason so many people are suffering phisical and mental illness comes from the disconnection from our nature"


- Dr Gabor Maté

mentoria personalizada: opções e formatos 

Our mentorship is uniquely crafted to suit your needs, offering a personalized and online experience. Here's a glimpse into what it includes:

Video Calls

Engage in one-on-one video calls tailored to your unique needs. These sessions weave together meditation, deep inquiry, raw processing, mirroring, and more — creating a space for profound self-discovery.

Practical Exercises

Dive into actionable exercises designed to anchor learning in real-life situations. From testing new communication skills to navigating emotional landscapes, these exercises ensure your mentorship is not just insightful but deeply applicable.

Ongoing Support

Access continuous guidance and support via WhatsApp. Stay connected between sessions to seek clarity, share breakthroughs, or address any challenges you may encounter on your journey.


Raissa Teles: Pirate Therapist

I dedicate my life to exploring fear, love, and freedom through the wisdom of Nature. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I've chosen the ocean as my home and mentor. Since youth, my path has been dedicated to aiding our planetary awakening. At 23, I began my journey as a facilitator, free educator, and pirate therapist. For over a decade, I've guided countless individuals in their journeys of self-creation, improving their relationships, and strengthening their mission in the world.


My diverse training includes The Work of Byron Katie, Quantum Being, Warriors Without Weapons, and Shamanic Sexuality. Yet, my most profound lessons come from my personal spiritual journey, studies in magic and mysticism, my intuition and my open marriage with Christof. My mission is to be a messenger of love and serve the regeneration of self, relationships, and Gaia.

mentoria personalizada: opções e formatos 

I am dedicated to fostering a positive relationship with the energy of money and seek collaboration with individuals truly committed to transforming their lives. Those willing to invest time and effort in this journey can choose a session price ranging from €81 to €180, based on their monthly income and current financial situation. 

If you want to embark on this journey, let´s get to know each other!

o que os participantes dizem

"Realmente é difícil definir em palavras todo esse processo! É sobre aprender tudo, mas absolutamente tudo sobre si mesmo e ao mesmo tempo saber que não importa o que virá pela frente. Você vai estar preparado! Com a Raíssa resgatei minha identidade que há muito não via, consegui me reconhecer em mim mesma, além de deixar pra trás muito sofrimento e dor. Me livrei de uma carga que carregava sem saber, entendi, acessei e ressignifiquei meu eu, meus traumas e agora tenho espaço de sobra pra novos aprendizados! E se um dia precisar refazer algum processo, já sei como faze-lo! Gratidão por ter tido essa experiência que marcou minha vida de um jeito único, me salvou e me devolveu a mim, a melhor versão de mim mesma!"

- Karol  Moya

Exploration Meeting

vamos nos conhecer!

Sentiu o chamado de participar de uma jornada de mentoria conosco? O próximo passo é marcar sua reunião introdutória. Nesta ligação de 15 minutos, vamos nos conhecer melhor e discutir suas necessidades e intenções. A chamada é gratuita. Se tiver qualquer dúvida, fale com a gente!

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