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2024 sailing season is starting!

Updated: May 5

After spending a long time in Brazil, soaking up the tropical atmosphere, working on Piratas do Amor behind the scenes, and enjoying quality time with friends and family, we're excited to hit the sea again.

We've put in a lot of work over the past months and years to make this happen, and we're really proud and excited about it.

This blog post is a short summary of the beautiful adventures ahead of us, from March until November.

Check it out!

Many miles ahead of us, from tropical waters to the Arctic

The cheapest flight we found from Brazil to Guadeloupe had a convenient layover in New York City: where we are now. From here, we fly to Guadeloupe - a small island in the Caribbean, where our sailing season starts:

  • In Guadeloupe we'll hop on Gryahound Ventures, and on the 18th of March we start crossing the Atlantic. ps: This will be the FIRST ocean crossing of our lives, something we have been dreaming of for many, many years. I cannot put into words how excited and grateful we are to be able to experience something so immense and profound! We will share more about this journey later, for sure! First stop after weeks surrounded by the big blue: the Azores;

  • We will sail around the islands of the Azores from the 10th - 25th of April;

  • On the 26th of April we continue sailing to Pasaia, north of Spain, getting there around the 9th of May;

Grayhound Ventures in her element.

  • The day after that, we're off to Egypt to celebrate the birthday of one of our best friends by sailing down the Nile and visiting many sacred temples. We will also use this opportunity to research traditional sailing vessels to offer a Piratas do Amor sacred journey in Egypt next year;

  • Beginning of June I (Raíssa) go to Iceland to facilitate aboard Ópal during The Hope Expedition of Ocean Missions (the NGO of my dear friend Belén);

  • June the 22nd to 30th we have our first Piratas do Amor Voyage aboard Tilvera around Lofoten, sailing from Tromsø to Bodø;

  • And then from the 1st to 9th of July happens the second Piratas do Amor journey, sailing north from Bodø to Tromsø. We still have some spots left for these magical trips by the way, do you want to join us?

  • We then sail with Belén and Heimir aboard Tilvera from Tromsø to Húsavík, in Iceland;

  • In August, we sail from Iceland to Greenland and work for about 5 weeks aboard Tilvera in this espetacular place;

  • We then sail back to Iceland and arrive in Húsavík by the 23rd of September;

  • To wrap things up, we will sail aboard Twister from Amsterdam to London and back in October. Hopefully, this will be the start of a great partnership with Twister for the coming years. We'll have more news about that later.

Nuun, Tilvera Expeditions, Schooner Ópal, Schooner Hildur and Twister: our many homes this year.

After all this long season, I am sure we will be excited for a long warm shower, and very happy with all we have learned. We'll have ticked off enough "days at sea" to get our 1st Officer License, but most important: we will deepen the collaboration with the partner-boats we feel most aligned with until now, to hopefully continue co-creating magical expeditions for the future.

The first seed of our efforts since we moved to Europe to study at the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool has already sprouted, and they are expressed in these next adventures.

I see this year as the beginning of a tree bearing many fruits that we want to share and spread worldwide. That's why we're already planning Magical Sailing Journeys to Sacred Places on Earth for 2025 and 2026.

Planning so much ahead has never been part of our DNA, but hey, maybe it's a sign of a maturity that we have been longing for a while. ;)

In a world where systems are falling apart, new paradigms of life on Earth are emerging. Increasingly, we view our voyages as a living laboratory to support this shift and practice a new culture based on love. These journeys are opportunities to reconnect—with our true selves, our home - nature, and our shared mission to leave a better legacy for future generations.

Feel like sailing with us?

We will be happy to sea you soon.

Much love


Pirates dancing in NYC!

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