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For women, it's a dress.

For men, its a tank top.

Either way, you won't go unnoticed!


Our Pirate Uniform was designed by Livia Abreu from Somos Mama on Ilha do Goio, Brazil, during her art residency aboard our first ship, Mintaka. Using only textile waste, each Pirate Uniform is unique and has a different color combination. If you choose to purchase one, you can define the major color pattern, but must stay open for surprises.

Pirate Uniform

  • 🥋 Livia produced a total of 77 Regatas, using a total of 28 kilos of textile waste from Tex Plus in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: 85% cotton and 15% Spandex. The total cost for the material was EUR 204. 

    🥋 Pirate Uniform features five silk prints designed by Elena Landinez from Colombia. They were printed by José Geraldo Ribeiro Santos in Divinópolis, using natural paint based on plant pigments. He received EUR 1,5 per Regata and Elena EUR 100 for the design.

    🥋 The textile was cut and sewed by Cleusa Maria de Oliveira, who is an independent seamstresses from Divinópolis, Brazil. She received EUR 3 per unit.

    In total, Livia received EUR 988 for her work.

    The total cost of production per piece was EUR 22.

    Our Margin is 67%


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