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Volans is the name of our future pirate boat and the title of this magic artwork. It was illustrated aboard Mintaka during our Art Residency Program by the artists Elena Landinez, Jaya Cósmica and Água Viva Cósmica and silk-printed on recycling paper at Ateliê de Oficinas in Salvador/BA.


In october 2020, we spent two weeks sailing between Morro de São Paulo and the sweet waters of Rio Maraú/BA. There, Jaya, Água and Elena accessed the depths of their soul, allowing their inspiration to overflow into this piece of art. More than a poster, this artwork is the embodiment of our values and common dream: to build a magic pirate circus aboard a sailing ship, navigating the seven seas, discovering new horizons of life on earth.

Screen Print "Volans"

SKU: 0004
  • Artists: Artwork by Elena Landinez, Jaya Cosmica, Agua Viva Cosmica
    Limited Edition: 50 handcrafted Posters
    Format: A2 (420 x 594 mm)
    Print: Serigraphy @ Atelie de Oficios, Santo Antônio, Salvador/BA
    Paper: Sundance 216g, Natural White Felt, 100% recycled
    Paint: Genesis
    Date: Dec. 2020


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