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This unique artwork can be used as a bandana, handkerchief or altar cloth.
In it´s center, Bandana Mágica features the solar and lunar calendar for the year 2023 in the northern hemisphere. The corners are dedicated to the four cardinal directions and corresponding magic symbols. 

Bandana Mágica

  • 🌜Size: 60x60 cm.

    🌜Colors: Available in black, blue, vine red and white

    🌜 Print: One-sided silkprint in golden color using genesis paint (produced by Stampinny at Galeria do Rock in São Paulo, Brazil).

    🌜 Textile: "Tricoline" from leftover production in São Paulo, Brazil (Banco de Tecido).

    🌜 Sewed by Antonia and Samara, independent seamstresses in São Paulo, Brazil. 

    🌜 Design: Conceptualized by Christof Brockhoff from Liechtenstein and illustrated by Elena Landinez from Colombia.

    🌜 The total cost of production per Bandana/Altar Cloth is € 11.

    🌜 Our Margin is 67%


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